The crucial aspect of development process has been the inadequate attention paid to Human Resource Development in India. Suggest measures that can address this inadequacy.

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India’s rank on Human Development Index (HDI) has slipped from 130 in 2020 to 132 in 2023. Human resource development plays a pivotal role in development process, has encountered a notable challenge due to low budgetary allocation, emphasis on quantity rather than quality in education, and preference for curative healthcare over preventive measures.



  1. Integration of skilling in the education system: As current cross integration of skill training with education is low. Initiatives like Samagra shiksha abhiyaan, school cluster approach can be expanded and made more targeted.
  2. Quality of education: Govt. should focus on enhancing the quality of education at every level, through dedicating resources to improve infrastructure, training educators, and refining curriculum development.
  3. Investment in research and innovation through National Research Foundation (NRF) at all level to foster knowledge driven economy.
  4. Holistic healthcare focus beyond curative: Fast-paced lifestyles have led to an increase in ailments like heart disease and hypertension to address these challenges is to shift focus of healthcare from a curative to preventive approach.5. Fosteringstronger public-private partnerships to assess skill demand, along with implementing high-skilled manufacturing model to generate employment opportunities.


Human resources development is not just a fundamental component of the development process but a catalyst for positive change across various dimensions of society and the economy.

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