Attitude is an important component that goes as input in the development of human being. How to build a suitable attitude needed for a public servant?

Sample Answer


A civil servant must have democratic and empathetic attitude, innovative approach and perseverance and high level of commitment.


Attitude has three components – Cognition, affective and behavioral. All three components must be targeted for strong attitude formation of civil servants:

1. Cognition

  • Role modelling – Examples of great leaders
  • Problem solving approach 
  • Strengthening the ethical competence of civil servants
    • Better personnel management
    • Ethical training

2. Affective

  • Practicing compassion: as a public servant needs to work for the welfare of the masses, compassion can help build a suitable attitude.
  • Improvement of emotional intelligence – Spending time with common people – like recently all secretaries were asked to visit and spend time in the district of their first appointment. Similarly, program like “Bharat Darshan” helps new civil servants in developing connect with the masses.
  • Physical exercise and Yoga – to help bear the mental and emotional stress and maintain moral conviction and fortitude.

3. Behavioral

Developing administrative processes and practices which promote ethical values and integrity in civil services.

  • RTI
  • Accountability tools Providing adequate protection to whistle-blowers
  • e-governance

Anticipating specific threats to ethical standards and integrity in the civil services

  • Integrity pact
  • Minimizing direct contact between citizen customer and service provider to reduce rent seeking opportunities. 


A public servant, who has the responsibility of the governance of the nation need to develop positive attitude in order to serve the country to the best of his/her ability.

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