Analyse the complexity and intensity of terrorism, its causes, linkages and obnoxious nexus. Also suggest measures required to be taken to eradicate the menace of terrorism.

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Terrorism threatens the national security by destabilising economy, breaking political cohesion, and threatens the legitimacy and efficacy of the state itself. 


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Due to the following causes Complexity and Intensity has been increasing –

  • Lack of International Consensus. 
  • State sponsored terrorism by Pakistan.
  • Non State terror organisations – LeT, ISIS, Al Qaeda.
  • Polarization and Radicalisation based on Ideologies – Left Wing, right Wing, Ethno – Nationalism and religious extremism.
  • Political alienation and social vulnerability. Ex – J&K.
  • Terrorist propaganda using Social Media – Ex – ISIS.
  • Terror financing by Organised crimes – Narco-Financing Ex – Taliban etc.
  • Role of Pakistan and Taliban’s presence in the Afghanistan and presence of terrorist groups in J&K like Lasker-e-Toiba etc.

Linkages and Nexus

  • UN-International Narcotics Control Board report highlighted the nexus between Organised crime and Terrorism.

Measures required to Control

  • Strengthening security architecture –
    • Intelligence gathering – From ground level – Collation and easy access. Ex – NATGRID established post 26/11 is key for analysis of intelligence inputs.
    • Training – counter Insurgency and Antiterrorist Schools (CIATs)
    • Mock security-drills and counter terror Operations – Standard operating Procedure.
    • Securing key installations –  Ex – Uri and Pathankot attacks.
    • Speedy and effective Investigations, Prosecution and convictions
  • Controlling Terror Financing
    • Strengthening Prevention of Money-Laundering Act, 2002 (PMLA)
    • Empowering agencies – ED, FIU, NIA etc
    • Formalising Economy
    • Improving cyber security and regulating Cryptocurrency etc.

Global Collaboration

  • Finalisation UN comprehensive convention on International Terrorism.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of bodies like Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Eurasian group, IMF money laundering body, UN office on drugs and crime

Tackling Underlying Causes

  • Engaging  Citizens, civil society and media in fight against terrorism.
  • Education – To make the society more harmonious and cohesive in the long run.


Thus a multi-pronged approach is required which focuses on strengthening security architecture along with countering the underlying challenges that breed terrorism.

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