American Revolution was an economic revolt against mercantilism. Substantiate.

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The American Revolution (1775-1783), often perceived through a political lens, fundamentally originated from a rebellion against the restrictive mercantilist economic system imposed by Britain. Mercantilism said that colonies should serve the economic interests of the mother country. This was shown in unfair trade and tax policies, which made the American colonies want to be financially independent.


Trade Restrictions:

  • Navigation Acts: Mandated the use of British ships for trade, stifling American economic expansion.
  • Enumerated Goods: Limited trading of certain goods like tobacco and sugar exclusively with England, undermining the colonies’ economic potential.

Taxation Without Representation:

  • Stamp Act (1765) and Townshend Acts (1767): Exacerbated discontent with taxes imposed without colonial representation in the British Parliament..

Monopolistic Practices:

  • The Tea Act (1773): Granted a tea monopoly to the British East India Company, undercutting local merchants and showcasing Britain’s control over colonial trade.

Economic Self-Determination:

  • Quest for Economic Autonomy: The restrictive mercantile system impeded the colonies’ quest for control over their economic policies, fueling revolutionary sentiments.

Responses to Mercantilism:

  • Boycotts and Protests: Tactics like boycotting British goods and events like the Boston Tea Party (1773) embodied colonial resistance against mercantilist policies.
  • Diverging Interpretations: Some historians argue for political undertones, yet economic grievances remain significant.


The American Revolution was significantly fueled by colonial discontent with British mercantilism. The restrictive trade and taxation policies stifled colonial economic aspirations, propelling the quest for economic self-determination. This revolt against mercantilism not only catalyzed the American Revolution but also heralded a transition towards modern economic thought and political representation, substantiating the economic genesis of this revolutionary epoch.

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