Foundation of League of Nations

Establishment of League of Nations

The founder of this organization was President Woodrow Wilson of USA. It was his idea to create a world organization to maintain peace and prevent future wars. President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points underline the creation of general association of nations. The League was actually established in 1920 and its headquarters was shifted from Paris to Geneva in Switzerland.

President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points

  • Abolition of secret diplomacy
  • Free navigation at sea for all nation in war and peace
  • Removal of economic barriers between states
  • All round reduction in armament
  • Impartial adjustment of colonial claims in the interest of population concerned
  • Evacuation of Russian territory
  • Liberation of France and restoration of Alsace and Lorraine
  • Readjustment of Italian frontier along the lines of nationality
  • Self-government for the people of Austria –Hungary
  • Romania, Serbia and Montenegro to be evacuated and Serbia given access to sea
  • Self-government to non-Turkish people of Turkish empire and permanent settlement of the Dardanelles
  • An independent Poland with secure access to the sea
  • A general association of nations to preserve peace

Britain Aim

  • Defence of Democracy
  • Righting the injustice done to France in 1871(lose of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany)
  • Restoration of Belgium and Serbia
  • Independent Poland
  • Democratic Self Government for the Nationalities of Austria-Hungary
  • Self Determination for German colony
  • International organization to prevent war

Aims of the League

Preventing wars through peaceful settlement of disputes among member nations. To preserve and protect the independence of member-nations by promoting international understanding and co-operation.

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