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Need to reform current Social Justice policies

Context: With the ascent of neo-liberal economic development, the conventional support that Dalits and Adivasis received from state institutions has derailed. Therefore, there is a need to frame new social justice policies with an Ambedkar touch. What is social justice and its need? B. […]

How Global Positioning System (GPS) work?

GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system. It is a network of satellites and receiving devices that allows users to determine their precise location (in latitude, longitude, and altitude) and obtain accurate time information anywhere on Earth. The original […]

Embracing Diversity: Paving the Way for Transgender Inclusivity and Equality

Context: AIIMS, New Delhi, plans to launch a Centre of Excellence for transgender healthcare in 2024, addressing historical discrimination and marginalization.  Transgender individuals have faced pathologization and mental health stigmatization, enduring practices like “conversion therapy.” The community encounters healthcare barriers due to infrastructure exclusion […]

What is Domestic Violence?

Context: Forty years after the introduction of the domestic violence provision in the Indian Penal Code, women are still at risk of having their complaints dismissed or disbelieved by police and judiciary. About domestic violence Protection of Women from domestic violence Act 2005 (PWDVA): […]

Occupational Safety & Health

Context: In the wake of the incident Silkyara Tunnel collapse , the Central Trade Unions have urged the Union government to ratify the labour conventions. About Occupational Health & safety:  Key components of occupational health and safety:  Provisions for ensuring occupational safety in India:  Constitutional […]

Migrant Workers

Context: The migrant labor force plays vital role in nation’s growth and development, but they are often disregarded and considered forgotten citizens. Moreover, the state mechanisms show lack of care and attention towards the migrant workers. About migrant workers Factors for migration: Status of […]

Six years: Debate over minimum age for Class 1 admission

Context: Schools in Delhi this year will continue to admit students to Class 1 below the age of 6 years. There were 14 States and Union Territories, as of March 2022, that allow Class 1 admission for children who have not completed six years. […]

Odisha govt allows ST people to sell their land to non-tribals

Context: The Odisha government has permitted Scheduled Tribe (ST) individuals to sell their land to non-tribals and mortgage it for non-agricultural purposes under the Odisha Scheduled Areas Transfer of Immovable Property (by STs) Regulation (OSATIP), 1956. However, the implementation of this legislation has currently […]

INDIA’s case for APEC

Context: The 2023 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit was held in San Francisco, the US hosted APEC after a gap of 12 years Thus in this scenario it is important to understand the candidature of India for APEC i.e. the credentials, benefits and […]

India-Japan engagement in South East Asian region

Context: Philippines is redirecting its attention to Japan and India as alternative sources of development and security due to the geopolitical and sustainability concerns that have emerged due to Chinese led infrastructure projects.  Importance of South China Sea Cooperation between Philippines and Japan Cooperation […]

Art historian B N Goswamy’s work on Indian miniature painting tradition

Context: Renowned Indian art historian and critic Brijinder Nath Goswamy, celebrated for his extensive research on the Indian miniature painting tradition, has recently passed away in Chandigarh after battling prolonged illness. As a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, Goswamy gained prominence following the release […]

Sant Mirabai Janmotsav

Context: ‘Sant Mirabai Janmotsav,’ an event dedicated to celebrating the 525th birth anniversary of Sant Mirabai is scheduled to take place in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. During the event, the Prime Minister will unveil a commemorative stamp and coin as a tribute to Mirabai. This […]

Robotics: Types, Applications and Challenges 

Context: While Amazon continues to develop and deploy robotic systems in some of its warehouses in different parts of the world, the company has not tested robots in any of its facilities in India, raising questions about the capability of India’s robotic ecosystems. The […]

Understanding Technology behind Generative Pre-Trained Transformer

Context: India will explore building large language models says Principal Scientific Advisor of India. Natural Language Processing (NLP):  Understanding Large Language Model:  Transformer Model:   Process of Tokenisation  In this model, the grammar of the output may not be correct as in reality, the transformer […]


Context: The first-ever INDUS-X investors’ meet was organized by the Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) under India’s Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defence. This event, also marked the launch of the INDUS-X Educational Series (Gurukul). The purpose of the meeting is […]

Asian Development Bank

Context: India inked a policy-based loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), securing $400 million. The funds are earmarked to facilitate the development of high-quality urban infrastructure, enhance service delivery, and advance efficient governance systems, as outlined in a statement from the finance […]

Women & Judiciary

Context: A study of over 4 lakh FIRs in Haryana has found that not only are cases of violence against women, in which women are the primary complainants, less likely to be registered and more likely to be dismissed in court or result in […]

Net Neutrality

Context: Net neutrality in India has been a subject of discussion, regulatory action, and public concern for several years. Content and service providers in India, including major technology companies, have been vocal supporters of net neutrality. On the other hand, Telecom Companies have been […]

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Context: The Delhi Declaration during India’s G20 presidency saw a commitment to strengthen the global health architecture by building more resilient, equitable, sustainable and inclusive health systems to implement the One Health approach, enhance pandemic preparedness and strengthen existing infectious diseases surveillance systems. Another […]

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