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Source: The Indian Express

Success of conservation of Kiwis in New Zealand

Context: Conservationists have registered the first wild birth of two brown kiwi chicks in New Zealand in 150 years. This is being noted as a major success of conservation efforts. About KIWIS Distribution of Kiwis Threats to Kiwis

Pompe disease

Context: India’s first patient diagnosed with Pompe disease, a rare genetic disorder, has passed away. About Pompe disease:  Symptoms of Pompe disease Diagnosis of Pompe disease Cure of Pompe disease Treatment of Pompe disease Cases in India: 

Paris Club reaches agreement in principle with Sri Lanka

Context: Debt ridden Sri Lanka has reached an ‘agreement-in-principle’ with India and other Paris Club creditors on a debt treatment plan. Facing economic distress due to the economic upheaval due to COVID-19 Pandemic and Ukraine-Russia war induced economic uncertainty, Sri Lanka had appealed to […]

South Asian University (SAU)

Context: South Asian University (SAU), India’s “first international university” is facing a significant depletion in its financial reserves. About South Asian University (SAU)

What is Domestic Violence?

Context: Forty years after the introduction of the domestic violence provision in the Indian Penal Code, women are still at risk of having their complaints dismissed or disbelieved by police and judiciary. About domestic violence Protection of Women from domestic violence Act 2005 (PWDVA): […]

World Malaria Report 2023

Context: In India there was an estimated 30 per cent decline in cases and 34 per cent decline in deaths compared to 2021 according to WHO’s World Malaria Report 2023. Key findings of the report: About Malaria

Migrant Workers

Context: The migrant labor force plays vital role in nation’s growth and development, but they are often disregarded and considered forgotten citizens. Moreover, the state mechanisms show lack of care and attention towards the migrant workers. About migrant workers Factors for migration: Status of […]

Six years: Debate over minimum age for Class 1 admission

Context: Schools in Delhi this year will continue to admit students to Class 1 below the age of 6 years. There were 14 States and Union Territories, as of March 2022, that allow Class 1 admission for children who have not completed six years. […]

Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary

Context: Hearing a plea concerning encroachment and non-forest activities in the southern ridge forest, the Delhi High court was told by amicus curiae appointed in the matter that Delhi’s government’s forest department is going to organize a “cyclothon and walkathon” inside Asola wildlife sanctuary. […]

What is rat-hole mining?

Context: Efforts to rescue 41 workers trapped in the collapsed Silkyara-Barkot tunnel have faced setbacks. Now having tried several methods, the rescue team is now planning to drill through the remaining few meters using the practice of rat-hole mining. Rat Hole Mining Why Prevalent […]

Art historian B N Goswamy’s work on Indian miniature painting tradition

Context: Renowned Indian art historian and critic Brijinder Nath Goswamy, celebrated for his extensive research on the Indian miniature painting tradition, has recently passed away in Chandigarh after battling prolonged illness. As a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, Goswamy gained prominence following the release […]

Sant Mirabai Janmotsav

Context: ‘Sant Mirabai Janmotsav,’ an event dedicated to celebrating the 525th birth anniversary of Sant Mirabai is scheduled to take place in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. During the event, the Prime Minister will unveil a commemorative stamp and coin as a tribute to Mirabai. This […]

Composite Water Management Index 

Context: As per reports NITI Aayog is planning to discontinue its key report i.e. ‘Composite Water Management Index’. In place, it is mooting the idea to bring some new indexes with wider coverage. What is Composite Water Management Index? Aim Indicator themes and weights […]


Context: The first-ever INDUS-X investors’ meet was organized by the Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) under India’s Ministry of Defence and the US Department of Defence. This event, also marked the launch of the INDUS-X Educational Series (Gurukul). The purpose of the meeting is […]

Asian Development Bank

Context: India inked a policy-based loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), securing $400 million. The funds are earmarked to facilitate the development of high-quality urban infrastructure, enhance service delivery, and advance efficient governance systems, as outlined in a statement from the finance […]

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Context: The 2023 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting scheduled in San Francisco amid the prolonged tensions in US – China relations. About APEC Note: India is not a member state of APEC.

Arctic Council

Context: The Arctic is experiencing warming at a rate that is four times faster than the global average. This rapid warming has led to an unprecedented loss of sea ice and the thawing of permafrost.  More information from the news:  About Arctic Council:  Origins:  […]

National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO)

Context: According to the National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (NOTTO), four out of five organ recipients in India between 1995 and 2021 were men. About NOTTO National Human Organ and Tissue Removal and Storage Network National Biomaterial Centre/ National Tissue Bank

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