NFC Technology

  • NFC technology is a short-range wireless networking technology that enables NFC-enabled devices to interact with one another and transmit information with a single touch.
  • It makes it easy to pay bills, swap business cards, download coupons, and share a document with other people.

Working of NFC Technology

  • It uses electromagnetic radio waves to communication to allow communication between two devices to take place. Because transactions take occur over such a small distance, both devices must be equipped with NFC technology.
  • Devices must be physically contacting or within a few centimetres of one another for data transmission to take place between them.

Applications of NFC Technology

  • Used in contactless banking cards to facilitate money transactions.
  • Generation of contactless public transportation tickets.
  • Network and building security.
  • Inventory and sales monitoring
  • Preventing auto theft and keeping track of library books.
  • In speakers, home appliances, and other electrical items that we can manage using our mobile devices.
  • May also be used to set up Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gadgets in our houses with a single touch.
  • NFC-enabled wristbands may be used to track patient data in the hospital setting.
  • Used for wireless charging.
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