Rise of Political movement

  • Failure of 1857 gave a setback to the dream to get India free from foreign rule. Lack of equal ideological maturity and unity gave rise to political unity.
  • Regular legislative development by the British Government (Charter Act 1853, Indian Councils Act 1861, Indian Councils Act 1892) gave a chance to the Indians to participate in the political field.
  • International events like Unification of Germany and Italy raised the sense of being one nation among Indians.
  • Development of education in the 19th century led to rise of political thoughts and intellectual currents (e.g., Dadabhai Naoroji, M G Ranade)
  • Social and Religious reforms of 19th century helped in bridging the social and religious gaps among Indians. 
  • Events like Vernacular Press Act, Arms act, Afghan adventures and lavish Delhi Durbar during severe famines made Indians aware of racism and fake ideals.
  • Some intellectual Indians wanted to unearth harsh, colonialist policies and administration styles of British to the Indians. For this, they chose a political platform. 
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