India Independence Act 1947

Indian Independence act received royal assent on 18th July 1947 and came into force on 15th August 1947.

Provisions Given in the Act

  • It provided for the partition of India into two independent dominions- India and Pakistan. They had the right to secede from the British Commonwealth.
  • The Governor-General of each province would be responsible for the operation of the act.
  • Constituent Assemblies of each new dominion will have legislative powers. The existing Central legislative assembly and council of state would cease to function.
  • The Government of India Act, 1935 existed till the time the new constitution has not been adopted.
  • It proclaimed the lapse of British paramountcy over the Indian princely states and treaty relations with tribal areas.
  • Indian states were granted freedom to join either dominions or to remain independent.
  • The Crown’s right to veto the laws was given up.
  • Lord Mountbatten became the first Governor General of Independent India. The act not only closed a chapter of colonial rule but also at the same time opened a new chapter of free India.
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