British East India Company

YearWhat happened
1608William Hawkins went to Jahangir who appointed him as Mansabdar and allowed him to trade in India.
1611Started trading at Masulipatnam.
1613Thomas Best got permission to set up a factory at Surat.
1615Thomas Roe went to Jahangir and got permission to set up factories at Agra, Ahmedabad, and Broach.
1632Golden Farman was issued by the Sultan of Golconda to trade freely in the kingdom of Golconda for a fixed customs duty.
1633Factories established at Balasore and Hariharpur, Odisha.
1639Ruler of Chandragiri permitted the English to set up a fortified factory at Madras which later became Fort St. George. English promised to give half of the customs revenue to local Raja, in return for the right to fortify and mint their own coins.
1651Factories were established at Hooghly, Kasimbazar, Patna and Rajmahal.
1658All establishments of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, and Coromandel coast were brought under the control of Fort St. George in Madras.
1662King Charles II, received Bombay as a dowry for marrying a Portuguese princess. The English crown transferred it to EIC in 1665 and was soon fortified. The growing threat from Marathas and good port facilities at Bombay made it replace Surat as the main port of West Coast.
1680Emperor Aurangzeb issued a farman that EIC’s trade was to be customs-free everywhere except Surat.
1700Bengal factories were placed under a separate President and council in the fortified Fort William at Calcutta with Charles Eyre as its first President.
1717Farrukhsiyar granted a Farman to EIC which is regarded as Magna Carta for the company. Under this, EIC’s imports and exports were exempted from additional customs duties in Bengal, Bombay, and Madras. EIC was also permitted to issue Dastaks and was permitted to rent land around Calcutta. The company was also permitted to mint its coins.


  • Court of Directors had 24 members elected annually by the general court by shareholders. 

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