Bombay Conference,1941

  • Tej Bahadur Sapru was a leading lawyer from Allahabad. He attempted to bring Congress and League together to resolve their existing disturbances.
  • He organised and presided over a conference called Bombay Conference (13-14 March 1941) to arrive at a settlement with the Government and put across the Indian perspective.
  • It was largely attended by prominent non-Congress members many of whom had attended the Round Table Conferences in 1931. Prominent proposals:
    • Britain should make a declaration promising India’s Dominion Status after the war.
    • In the interim, all central government portfolios should be transferred to non-official Indians.
  • There proposals differed from Congress proposals as Sapru did not demand immediate independence and they also proposed that the central executive in India should remain responsible to the Crown at least for duration of the war.
  • Despite proposals led to considerable expectations but were ultimately shelved by the Government due to League’s rejection of these proposals. Jinnah denounced these proposals as a trap by Congress wirepullers.
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