All India Muslim League, 1906

All India Muslim League
  • A delegation of Muslims led by Agha Khan met the then Viceroy Lord Minto at Shimla in 1906 with a proposal that highlighted their plight in the present circumstances with low representation in jobs and army positions and demanded special provisions for the Muslims. Minto promised assurance.
  • After this assurance from the British Government, meetings were organized in East Bengal in the favour of Partition of Bengal. The new Viceroy Curzon motivated the Muslim leadership under Nawab Salimullah of Dhaka to unite in the favour of the partition of Bengal.
  • On 30th December 1906, a meeting was convened under chairmanship of Nawab where “All India Muslim League” was founded with three declared aims:
    • Increased solidarity between Indian Muslims and British Government.
    • Extend and safeguard political interests of Indian Muslims.
    • Develop cordial relations with other communities without compromising on first two points.
      • Muslim League passed a resolution proposing to limit influence of the Indian National Congress.
      • Initially, Muslim League aimed to strengthen itself and struggle for separate electorates for Muslims.
      • The League raised the demand for Separate Electorates in its annual session at Amritsar in 1908. This demand was accepted in the Morley-Minto Reforms of 1909.

Ahrar Movement, 1906

  • A movement initiated by nationalist Muslims in Bengal aimed at increasing participation of Muslims in the national freedom struggle and dissuading them from loyalty towards the British.
  • Led by Maulana Mohammad Ali, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Hasan Imam, Nazrul Haq.
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