Society of Delhi Sultanate

  • Slavery had been adopted but the Arabs and later by the Turks also. It was normal to enslave the prisoner of war. However, slaves were allowed to get married and have personal property.
  • Caste and varna system continued during this period also. Shudras were not allowed to read or recite Vedas but allowed in case of puranas.
  • Women had the same ancient conditions of derogation. She was subjected to early marriage (before puberty), widow remarriage was restricted in three upper castes, Sati was prevalent, sonless widow was allowed to hold property rights, and the purdah system became popular (started as security means).
  • Religious conversion began during this period. Sometimes it was forced, other times it was choice based. Temples were converted into mosques for the first time in India (mostly during the war time). 
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