Medieval Terms

Diwan-i-ArzMilitary department during Sultanate
Ariz-i-MamalikHead of Military Department during Sultanate.
Diwan-i-RisalatDepartment of religious matters presided over by Sadr who was the leading Qazi (Sultanate).
Diwan-i-InshaState correspondence department during Sultanate.
BaridIntelligence agents during Sultanate
Wakil-i-DarController of Royal Household during Sultanate
Amil (Delhi Sultunate)Head of Pargana (unit of land administration)
KhutLandowner during Sultanate period
MuqaddamVillage Headman during Sultanate period and assisted authorities in land revenue collection.
ZimmisHindu subjects of the Islamic world who had to pay religious tax of Jizya to get state protection
CharaiGrazing tax during Sultanate period.
GhariHouse tax during Sultnate period.
ZakatTax on flocks, herds, gold, silver, commercial capital and agricultural produce during Sultnate period.
KharajTax on land during Sultanate period.
AbwabsIllegal/additional taxed which began in the reign of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
Diwan-i-RiyasatOfficials who supervised market affairs; appointed by Allaudin Khilji
Khalisa LandThe revenue earned from these lands goes directly in the Imperial Treasury.
Inam LandsThey were 50% cultivable wastelands and a holder was expected to extend cultivation in Mughal Administration.
Madad-i-MaashCharitable tax-free grants of land during Mughals
AraghattaWaterwheel used for Irrigation
Jama DamiAssessed income based on dams
AhadisGentlemen troopers during Mughals
Baraq-andazMusketeers during Mughal
WalashahisRoyal Bodyguards during Mughals.
KhudkashtPeasant who owned the land and paid revenue at customary rates during Mughals
MuzarianTenant farmers who paid revenue at a higher rate during Mughals.
BanjarasTraders-nomads as described by Peter Mundy in early 17th century.
SijdaLow prostration before the Mughal kings
MarakkarsThey were muslim traders from Arab who settled in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, adopted local languages and customs such as matrilineal marriages.
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