Literature During Delhi Sultanate

  • Development of Arabic literature was very limited (mostly translating the Sanskrit text). The reason was the background of invading dynasties being Turkish in race but Persian in culture. They gave more importance to the development of Persian literature over Arabic.
  • Al-Beruni wrote his masterpiece, Kitab-ul-Hind in Arabic.
  • Only one historical work was written in Arabic during this period viz., ‘Abdullah al-Makki’s Zafaru’l-Walih, who traces the history of Gujarat. Rise of regional empires promoted the local languages and literature. Jaunpur promoted Awadhi and Hindi, Vijayanagar promoted Telugu while Bahmani promoted Marathi. 
  • Translation of Sanskrit works into Persian: Notable works translated were:
    • Tuti Nama (Book of Parrot), which is a compilation of 52 short stories.
    • Zainul Abidin (Kashmir) ordered translation of Mahabharata and Rajatarangini into Kashmiri.
    • Firuz Tughlaq ordered translation of medical theses from Sanskrit.
    • Compendiums on astronomy and astrology, music and wrestling were also translated to Sanskrit.
    • However, no attempt was made to translate Persian into Sanskrit or any vernacular language.
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