Deccani Kingdom

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Berar (1498- 1574 AD)

  • Founder: Fataullah Imad Shah
  • Dynasty: Imad Shahi
  • Annexed by: Ahmadnagar

Bijapur (1489-1686 AD)

  • Founder: Yusuf Adil Shah
  • Dynasty: Adil Shahi
  • Annexed by: Aurangzeb

Ibrahim Adil Shah

  • He was a king of the Sultanate of Bijapur and was a member of Adil Shah dynasty. This reign is greatest period of this dynasty.
  • He was a skillful administrator, artist, poet and a gorgeous patron of the arts. Culturally, Bijapur kingdom was located between the centers of Marathi (Pandharpur-Vithoba cult) and Kannada bhakti (Basava Lingayat).
  • Secular Attitude:
    • He was deeply influenced by Shaivism and was fascinated with Hinduism. Though, he adopted Sunni sect of Islam.
    • He endowed many temples, affirm the rights of pilgrims at popular shrines, and consciously exalted Hindu gods to the heights of kingly devotion.
    • Several his Farman’s begin with an invocation of the Goddess Saraswati.
    • There were many in his court who believed that Ibrahim Adil Shah II was secretly practicing Hinduism which was apostasy.
    • Renamed city of Bijapur (originally Vijayapura, the City of Victory) as Vidyapur (City of Learning).
  • Contribution to Art & Culture by Bijapur kingdom
    • Music: He authored Kitab-i-Nauras, a collection of songs in praise of Hindu deities as well as Muslim saints.
    • Literature: He had an excellent grasp of Sanskrit, far superior to his grip over Persian, the language of his Iranian ancestors. He was also more comfortable in Marathi
    • Architecture:
      • Bijapur in its heyday rivalled and at time surpassed its Mughal contemporaries such as Delhi, Agra and Lahore in magnificence.
      • Important structures in Bijapur: Gol Gumbaz, Ibrahim Rouza, Jama Masjid, massive cannon called Malik-e-Maidan.
      • He gave patronage to famous Turkish architect named Malik Sandal. Malik Sandal later designed the Ibrahim Rouza, the tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II.
      • Extensive use of fish motifs in the buildings.

Ahmadnagar (1490-1633 AD)

  • Founder: Malik Ahmad
  • Dynasty: Nizam Shahi
  • Annexed by: Shahjahan

Golconda (1518-1687 AD)

  • Founder: Quli Qutub Shah
  • Dynasty: Qutub Shahi
  • Annexed by: Aurangzeb

Bidar (1526-1610 AD)

  • Founder: Amir Ali Barid
  • Dynasty: Barid Shahi
  • Annexed by: Bijapur

AHMADNAGAR (1490-1633 AD)

GOLCONDA (1518-1687 AD)

BIDAR (1526-1610 AD)

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