Bahamini Kingdom

  • To the north of Vijayanagar state across the Tungabhadra River rose a new Islamic state, called the Bahamani, now known as Andhra Pradesh.
  • Founder of Bahmani Kingdom was Alauddin Bahman Shah also known as Hasan Gangu in 1347. Its capital was Gulbarga.
  • Important rulers of this kingdom were Allaudin Bahman Shah, Muhammad Shah 3 and Firoz Shah.
  • Ahmad Wali Shah shifted the capital from Gulbarga to Bidar.
  • Power of this kingdom reached its peak under Muhammad Shah 3 because of the advice and services of his minister Mahmud Gawan, a Persian merchant.
  • By the year 1526, Bahmani kingdom got divided into Ahmednagar, Bijapur, Berar, Golkonda and Bidar.
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