Architecture of Vijayanagar Empire

  • Over the years Vijayanagar (what is now popularly called as Hampi) developed a unique style of architecture, later came to be known as Vijayanagar Architecture. It borrowed boldly from various schools of architecture prevailed at the time and blended them superbly to make its own style of architecture. 
  • Most important temples of Vijayanagar style are found in Hampi ruins. Vittalaswamy & Hazra Ramaswamy temples are best examples of this style.
  • Vijayanagar architectural style was known as a new design form under already established Dravida style. This was later called as Provida style.
  • Its architecture replaced the soft stone with hard stones.
  • It showed the blend of Hindu and Islamic forms of architecture.
  • Important temples: Vittal temple, Lepakshi temple, Virupaksha temple and Narshimha Temple.
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