Ores: Uranyl, Pitch blende


  • Worldwide production of U3O8 (yellowcake) in 2013 amounted to 70,015 tons, of which 32% was mined in Kazakhstan. Other important uranium mining countries are Canada (2nd), Australia (3rd), Niger, Namibia and Russia.
  • Australia has 31% of the world’s known uranium ore reserves and the world’s largest single uranium deposit, located at the Olympic Dam Mine in South Australia. There is a significant reserve of uranium in Bakouma a sub-prefecture in the prefecture of Mbomou in Central African Republic.
  • Uranium production is carried out in about 20 countries around the world, producing a cumulative total of 54,610 tons of uranium. The countries where more than 100 Tu/year production reported are Kazakhstan (28%), Canada (20%), Australia (16%), Namibia (8%), Russian Federation (7%), Niger (6%), Uzbekistan (5%), United States (3%), Ukraine (2%), China (2%), India (1%), South Africa (1%), Czech Republic (1%), Brazil (1%) and Malawi (<1%). Since 2009 the in-situ leach (ISL) operations of Kazakhstan are producing the largest share of world uranium.
  • India: Jaduguda, Tumalapalle, Bhatin, Narwapahar, Turamdih

Major Uranium deposits in India:

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