A biosphere is divided into several natural ecosystems on the basis of life forms of world vegetation. Though the biome include both plant and animal species but green plants are more than that of the animals. 

Biomes are further sub divided into sub-types on the basis of vegetation: 

Tropical BiomeTropical forest biome
Evergreen and Semi-evergreen biome
Deciduous and semi deciduous biome
Montane forest Biome
Swamp forest Biome
Savanna Biome
Desert Biome
Arid Biome
Semi-Arid Biome
Temperate BiomeBoreal forest Biome (Taiga Biome)
Temperate Deciduous Biome
Temperate Grassland Biome
The Mediterranean Biome
Tundra BiomeArctic Tundra Biome
Alpine Tundra Biome
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