Relation of Attitude and Values

  • Attitude is related to a particular thing, whereas values are general in nature. Ex. If a person has a liberal attitude, then that is for a particular thing like caste, gender issues, LGBT rights, dressing style etc. But if a person has the virtue of liberty, then he will be liberal towards everything.
  • Attitudes may change with the situation, but values are relatively stable and enduring. However, intense incidents in life can change the value system. Ex. Value change of Ashoka after the war of Kalinga, Angulimala, Valmiki, Kalidas, old lady changed by
  • Values are stronger, more intense & durable than attitude.

The one-Dimensional view of Attitude vs Two-dimensional view of the attitude

The one-dimensional view The two-dimensional view 
It postulates that the positive and negative elements are stored at opposite ends of a single dimension. according to this one-dimensional perspective, the positive and negative elements are at opposite ends of a single dimension, and people tend to experience either end of the dimension or a location in between.  It postulates that positive and negative elements are stored along two separate dimensions. If this view is correct, then people can possess any combination of positivity or negativity in their attitudes.  
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