Moral & Political Attitudes

Moral AttitudePolitical Attitude
Attitude is about what you like, and morals are about (what society thinks is) right or wrong.
So Moral Attitude is the attitude you hold towards moral issues (where society debates what is right or wrong).
For example – what is your attitude towards Euthanasia (mercy killing), capital punishment, same-sex marriage, abortion, and live-in-relationship.
Various types of moral attitude
– Empathetic
– Humble
– Generous
– Honest
– Virtuous
– Helping
– Cooperative
– Assertive
– Aggressive
– Submissive
– Ignorant
Political attitude is the attitude you hold towards political issues or ideologies.
Liberal/Moderate: They support principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity but through reforms in a constitutional manner.
Conservative: Wants status quo not reforms.
Progressive: Slow reform to the system.
Radical: Immediate reforms.
Reactionary: Want to go back to the previous system.
Extremist and Pacifists: Extremely unhappy with the current system but want it to change by violence and non-violence respectively.
Manifestation of political attitude
– Voting
– Social media posts
– Articles in newspapers
– Sloganeering
– Public discussions
Factors affecting the formation of political attitude
– Socio-economic status
– Education
– Election campaign
– Social media          
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