Importance/Relevance/Application of Emotional Intelligence in Civil Services

  • For Targeting Policies better: Bureaucrats need to know the emotions, moods, and drives of persons to whom the public policy is targeted for a better acquaintance with the nature of problems in society and their possible solutions. To deal with the issues of increasing regional, economic, and digital divide. Issues of globalization, migration, terrorism, cybercrimes, and information technology. Issues of poverty, hunger, communalism, and gender discrimination.
  • For motivating subordinates: EI helps a person in comprehending the emotions of others, thus an emotionally intelligent civil servant can motivate his/her subordinates towards a particular goal. So that improved/good governance can be ensured. Decentralization of governance to grassroots levels thereby increasing responsibilities. To achieve an amicable work environment. Performance at the workplace, Daniel Goleman asserts that 80% of success at the workplace is due to emotional quotient and 20% due to intelligence quotient.
  • Stress Management: EI enables one to manage emotions in anxiety-provoking situations and thus helps one in maintaining one’s physical and mental well-being. To deal with Political Pressure and Rampant Corruption.
  • For change: An Emotionally Intelligent person is more likely to try new things, take risks and face new challenges without fear. This will help in finding innovative solutions to different problems. Fast-changing social structure and values.
  • or Decision making: EI helps in recognizing such emotions that are unrelated to any specific problem and not allowing them to be influential to the final result. Widespread application of IT.
  • For Better Communication: An Emotionally Intelligent civil servant will be able to communicate policies better. Also, the person will be able to foster a healthy relationship with subordinates.
  • For maintaining balance in life: EI helps a civil servant in managing his/her personal life as well as professional life.
  • On a personal front: EI makes one more flexible, empathetic, and clear in expression.
  • To achieve an amicable work environment: with the help of EI you can persuade your collegeues eaisly in your favour to get work done.
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