Dedication to Public Service

  • Dedication is the highest form of commitment. Dedication is a commitment with passion, love and perseverance.
  • Commitment sometimes suggests that one is bound or obligated because he/she has made a pledge or a promise through a formal agreement.
  • However, in the case of dedication, a person is inspired by the sense of duty and his ideals or ideals of the state or society.
  • Dedication is the quality of being able to give or apply one’s time, attention or self entirely to a particular activity cause or person.

How to achieve dedication?

  • Dedication is gained through both commitment and perseverance i.e., steady persistence shown in achieving a particular goal despite difficulties and discouragement.

Why Dedication is Important in Public Service?

  • Motivation- Dedication makes a difference in an individual’s motivation in achieving his goals and the length of measures he will take just to achieve them. A dedicated public officer is motivated and happy by just doing the task only. He enjoys the journey and the work itself motivated him.
  • Development – to raise India from the dark ages of colonialism, and 200 years of exploitation, extra effort is required. The extra effort will only come when dedication is there and cannot come with contract-based commitment. Hostile conditions – may be due to political atmosphere, internal staff, punishment posting, local people etc. Survival will become without dedication.
  • Scope of corruption – internal control against corruption is not possible without dedication. Dedication to public service involves integrating oneself with the idea of public interest. Single-minded relentless pursuit of a public good is there

Examples of Dedicated People

  • Arm strong Pame (civil servant)
  • Divya dev rajan Learnt gondi to serve people efficiently (civil servant)
  • APJ Abul Kalam (Scientist, Missile Man)
  • Baba Amte (Social Activist)
  • Vikram Sarabhai (Space and Science)
  • Homi Bhabha (Nuclear Energy)
  • MS Swaminathan (Green Revolution in India) 
  • E Sridharan (Metro man)
  • Dashrath Manji (Mountain Man)
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