Case Study 27

In the context of the increasing pace of privatization, State has a greater role to play in making available essential public goods and services. Do you agree? What are the tools to increase efficiency in public service delivery?


  • Introduction – concisely give a definition/concept of privatization. 
  • Body – write on the role/duty of the state to provide essential goods and services to people. Write innovative tools for increasing efficiency in public service.
  • Conclusion – reemphasize the importance of responsibility in providing public goods and services.

It is argued that privatization of service delivery improves efficiency. It cuts through excessive bureaucracy and addresses problems associated with a lack of incentives for public administrators. However, the role of government in the public services delivery of essential goods cannot be ignored.

Need for essential goods to remain with the government

  • Every human being deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Dignified life entails the fulfilment of basic needs.
  • Being part of a social contract gives constitutional and legal rights to citizens. 
  • The welfare state must provide basic services like remote area connectivity, healthcare and schools to ensure the larger welfare of the society.
  • The private sector works on the principles of profit maximisation and seldom focuses on social security.
  • Distribution and Redistribution of Income to a just and nonviolent society.

Tools to increase efficiency in public service delivery

  • Internal motivational factors like compassion, dedication, commitment etc.
  • External control like social audit, accountability & transparency etc.
  • Recognising the meaning of ‘service’ in public service.
  • People should be at the centre of all policy-making. Treat people as participants and not mere beneficiaries or worse as liabilities. Involve NGOs and SHGs in the planning, monitoring, evaluation, and feedback stages
  • E-governance – use ICT for a single window, automated, swift and transparent delivery mechanism
  • The robust legal system for consumer protection.

Privatisation can be used to aid an efficient service delivery system without compromising on the fulfilment of all basic requirements of all citizens. 

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