Vesara Temple Architecture

  • Vesara style emerged during Chalunkyan Rulers.
  • It is a hybrid temple architecture with features of both Nagara and Dravidian style of temple architecture.
  • Mainly found in Deccan and Central India regions.
  • Though the trend of Vesara Style of temples started by Chalukyan Rulers, it flourished during Rashtrakutas Period.
  • The main important feature of the Vesara Style is that they have Northern Indian Style (Nagara Style) of Shikhara, and the Mandap was designed in Southern Indian Style (Dravidian Style).
  • In the Vesara Style of temples Shikhara (top of the temple) and Mandap (main shrine) are joint by the Antarala. So, the temples do not have ambulatory passageways around Sanctum Sanctorum.
  • Examples- Ladkhan Temple at Aihole, Temples at Badami.
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