Vesara Temple Architecture Under Kakatiya Dynasty

Ramappa temple is a masterpiece of Kakatiyan style of Temple architecture. It has recently been accorded World Heritage Status by UNESCO. Masterful material selection: Temple is constructed using sandstone. The temple has

  • Decorated beams and pillars of carved granite and dolerite. The temple is located close to Ramappa Cheruvu, a Kakatiyan-built water reservoir.
  • Distinctive Vimana: The temple has pyramidal Vimana which appears like horizontally Stepped tower made of lightweight porous bricks, called as floating bricks, which helped reduce the weight of the roof.
  • Floating bricks: Kakatiyas had pioneered a unique brick making technology by which high strength bricks of very low weights could be manufactured. These bricks are called floating bricks.
  • Sculptures: Temple sculptures are of high artistic quality. They illustrate regional dance customs and Kakatiyan culture. The sculptures have a metal like finish with its lustre intact even after 800 years of construction.
  • Sandbox technique: The foundation of the temple is built using sand-box technique which is unique to Kakatiyan temple architecture. The understood the need for utilising sand as a material for the foundation.
  • Other important Kakatiyan period structures:
    • Keerthi Thoranas of Warangal
    • Temple of Thousand Pillars at Hanumakonda.
image 426

Fig: Ramappa Temple

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