Vesara Temple Architecture Under Chalukyas

  • The Chalukyan rulers constructed several stone temples at Aihole, which are mostly Hindu but a few are Jain.
  • The temples had flat or slightly sloping roofs and were surmounted by a small ‘shikhara’.
  • A pillared assembly hall or ‘mandapa’ was added.
  • The Ladh Khan and Durga temples at Aihole are the best examples of the Chalukyan architecture.
  • The Chalukyas constructed four rock-cut pillared halls in the later half of the 6th century A.D. at Badami, three of which are Hindu and one is Jain.
  • During the Chalukyan period, the rock-cut method of architecture was slowly superseded by the use of stone masonry.
  • Most of the temple are located near the Malprabha river.
image 427

Fig: Durga Temple Aihole

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