Difference Between Hindustani & Carnatic Music

Area Of DifferentiationHindustani MusicCarnatic Music
OriginNorth IndiaSouth India
Style Of SingingGharana StyleVocal Style
Words usage in singingFormal depictionWords are significant. They express their emotions.
ImprovisationRestricted to a specific format. Some degree of improvisation.Fewer restrictions
Ragas6 ragas and 10 modes7 notes with semi-tones
TempoSlow tempo with long notes. The notes increase with increasing intensityFast tempo. The tempo remains constant with short notes.
InstrumentsTabla, Santoor, Sitar, Sarangi, ClarinetJalatarangam, Veena, Mandolin, Mridangam
InfluenceSaw a blending with Arab,Persian and Afghan musical influence.Mostly indigenous
OrnamentationNo ornamentation is used for enhancing the emotionsOscillation exists between the notes. This creates intellectual and more spiritual performances
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