Architecture of Tughlaq’s

Buildings constructed by Tughlaqs include the fortified town of Tughlaqabad and the tomb of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq.

Mixing of Hindu & Regional Elements

  • In the centuries after Khilji and Tughlaqs there was gradually a harmonious blending between the Hindu and Muslim architectural styles and this new style of architecture is known as Indo-Islamic.
  • It is entirely different in character from Muslim architecture in other countries, incorporating the best of both Hindu and, Muslim styles, freely using Hindu brackets in an arcuate construction with a dome, with the difference that the Muslim dome now acquired a lotus design under its finial.
  • They used grey sandstone.
  • Features of Hindu influences on Tughlaq architecture include the flat lintel instead of pointed arch, pillars, windows with balconies and eaves and railings.
  • Soon the local flavour was added of the provisional kingdom of Bengal, Gujarat, Jaunpur, Golconda, Malwa and the Deccan to the Indo-Islamic architecture.
450px Mausoleum of Ghiyath al Din Tughluq

Fig: Ghiyas-Ud-Din Tughlaq’s Tomb in Delhi

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