Sangam Society

  • Tolkappiyam refers to four castes namely Arasar , Anthanar ,Vanigar and Vellalar.
  • Ruling class was called Arasar
  • The class which spread knowledge were  Anthanars , who had been religious priests
  • Vanigars carried on trade and commerce .
  • Vellalars were agriculturists who were landholders.
  • Uzhavar were ploughmen.
  • Adimai were slaves.
  • Other tribal groups like Parathavar , Panar , Eyinar , Kadambar , Maravar  and Pulaiyar  were also found in the Sangam society .

Status of Women During Sangam Age

  • Women were treated with special consideration.
  • Natural feminine qualities such as Achcham, Madam , Nanam and Payirpu  were insisted in Sangam literature.
  • Chastity was worshipped by the people. The Heroine of Silappadigaram, Kannagi had been hailed for her Chastity and worshipped by the people.
  • Women had freedom to choose their life partners.
  • Women treated their husbands as equivalent to God.
  • They were not permitted to remarry and inherit property. 
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