Reason for the Decline of Jainism

  • Lack of royal patronage: Although rulers did supported Jainism, but they lacked in the spread of its ideals in later part of ancient Indian history.
  • Decline in missionary zeal and sincerity of the Jain mendicants.
  • Severe in demand: Jainism stood for severe penance, meditation, fasting and restraint etc. All these were too severe to endure by the masses.
  • Factionalism among Jains: Some now advocated to literally follow the teachings of Mahavira, while others wanted to tone down the severity of Jainism.
  • Rise of Vaisnavism, Saivism and Saktism paled Jainism into comparative insignificance and new religious philosophers like Nimbarka, Ramanuja, Sankaracharya etc. came to make the foundation of Hinduism more solid and stronger.
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