Reason for Decline of Buddhism

  • Decline of Buddhist Sanghas: Sanghas became centers of corruption. Discipline of Vinay Pitaka was violated. 
  • Revival of Brahmanical Hinduism: Rites and rituals of Hinduism were simplified. It also incorporated Buddhist principle of non-violence and accepted Buddha as a Hindu incarnation.
  • Buddhism lost royal patronage, which it received during the period of Asoka, Kaniska, and Harshavardhana. The Gupta rulers were great patrons of the Brahmanical religion.
  • Buddhism was divided into several groups like “Hinayana,” “Mahayana” “Vajrayana” “Tantrayana” and “Sahajayana,” and ultimately, it lost its originality.
  • Buddhist monks gave up Pali and took up Sanskrit, the language of intellectuals which was rarely understood by the common people. So, people rejected it.
  • Mahayana Buddhists started worshipping Buddha as a God. Image worship was a clear violation of the Buddhist doctrines, which opposed the critical rites and rituals of Brahmanical Hinduism.
  • Northern India was mostly ruled by the Rajputs from the eight to twelfth century who found great pleasure in fighting. They discarded the Buddhist principle of non-violence.
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