Jain Literature

  • Kalpasutra is the most important text of Jain literature. It was composed by Bhadrabahu in Sanskrit.
  • Bhagvati Sutra serves as Mahavira’s biography.
  • Chedasutras talks about Jain monks.
  • Original doctrines taught by Mahavira were contained in 14 old texts known as the Purvas.
  • Purvas is the part of 12 Angas and the oldest text of Mahavira’s preaching.
  • In 1st Council, Sthulabhadra divided Jain Canon into 12 Angas. This was accepted by Svetambara. However, Digambars refused to accept this, claiming that all old scriptures were lost.
  • At the 2nd Council held at Valabhi, new additions were made in the form of Upangas.
  • Among the 12 Angas, Acharanga Sutta (code of conduct for a Jain monk) and Bhagvati Sutta (expounds Jain doctrines)are most important.
  • Most early Jain texts were written in Ardha-Magadhi script (Prakrit language), the language of common people.
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