• The location of the original home of the Aryans remains a controversial point. Some scholars believe that the Aryans were native to the soil of India and some other scholars believe that the Aryans migrated from outside /Central Asia.
    • Max Muller: From Europe
    • B.G. Tilak: From Arctic region
  • According to popular belief, the Aryans are supposed to have migrated from Central Asia into the Indian subcontinent in several stages or waves during 2000 BC-1500 BC.
  • Boghazkai Inscription (Asia Minor, Turkey), which mentions 4 Vedic gods Indra, Varuna,Mitra andd Nasatyas, proves Central Asian Theory as their homeland.
  • The group that came to India first settled in the present Frontier Province and the Punjab – then called Sapta Sindhu i.e. region of seven rivers. They lived here for many centuries and gradually pushed into the interior to settle in the valleys of the Ganges and the Yamuna.
  • Some Aryan names mentioned in the Kassite inscriptions of 1600 B C. and the Mitann inscriptions of the fourteenth century B.C. found in Iraq suggest that from Iran a branch of the Aryans moved towards the west.
  • A new culture flourished and spread across Ganga-Yamuna plains. This culture came to be known as Aryan culture.
  • Aryans settled on the banks of rivers Indus (Sindhu) and Saraswati (which is now non-existent).
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