Crafts of Vedic Age

Early Vedic Age

  • Early Vedic Period had Ochre Coloured Pottery.
  • The Ochre Coloured Pottery culture (OCP) is a Bronze Age culture of the Indo-Gangetic Plain “generally dated 2000–1500 BCE, extending from eastern Punjab to northeastern Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh.

Later Vedic Age

  • The later Vedic period people were acquainted with four types of pottery– black and red ware, black slipped ware, painted grey ware, and red ware.
  • Painted Grey Ware: It is a grey coloured, wheel-made, thin-walled pottery decorated with geometric designs in red or black paint. Characteristic forms include shallow dishes and deep bowls. This type of pottery found over a large part of North India, with high concentration in eastern Punjab and central Gangetic Valley. This variety of pottery is associated with introduction and spread of iron and coincides with main areas occupied by Later Vedic Period. 
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