Crafts of Harappa Civilisation


Seals were made from stone. These are generally rectangular in shape and usually have an animal carved on them.

image 116

Bead Making

image 117
  • Stone was cut, shaped, polished and finally a hole was bored through the centre so that a string could be passed through it.
  • Chanhudaro is a tiny settlement, almost exclusively devoted to craft production, including bead-making, shell-cutting, metal working, seal-making and weight-making.
  • Variety of materials were used to make beads: (i) stones like carnelian (beautiful red colour), jasper, crystal, quartz and steatite (ii)  metals like copper, bronze and gold (iii) other materials like shell, faince and terracota or burnt clay.
  • Some beads were made of two or more stones, cemented together. While some were made of stone with gold caps.

Stone Weights

image 118
  • These were probably used to weigh precious stones or metals.
  • These were made of chert, a kind of stone.
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