Arts of Mauryan Period

Anand Coomarswamy classified the Mauryan art into two part:

  1. Court Art: Architectural works commissioned by Mauryan rulers for political and religious reasons.
  • Ashokan pillars: Mauryan pillars are rock-cut pillars which display the carver’s skills compared to the Achaemenian pillars which are constructed in pieces by a mason. The top portion of the pillar was carved with capital figures like the bull, the lion, the elephant, etc. Examples: Lion Capital Sarnath.
  • Rock edicts: Ashokan edicts were inscribed on stone pillars that were made of single columns. Example: Ashokan 14 major rock edicts.
  • Caves: Lomas Rishi Cave.
  • Stupas: Stupa of Bairat in Rajasthan

2. Folk Art: By individuals

  • Sculpture of Yaksha-Yakshini: Yaksha of Parkham, Yakshini of Didargunj
  • Inscribed stone portrait: At Kanaganahalli
  • Pottery (Northern Black Polished Ware): Kausambhi and Patliputra
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