Administration of Mauryan Period

  • The Mauryan government was a centralised bureaucracy of which the nucleus was the King. According to Chanakya(Kautilya), there are 7 elements of states (Saptanga theory):
    • Raja: The King
    • Amatya: The Secretaries
    • Janapada: Territory
    • Durg: Fort
    • Kosha: Treasure
    • Sena: Army
    • Mitra: Friend
  • The king was assisted by Mantri Parishad:
    • The Yuvaraja: Crown prince
    • The Purohita: Chief priest
    • The Senapati: Commander in chief
    • Other ministers like Samaharta (the collector general of revenue),sannidhata(Chief Treasury officer), Rashtrapala(the viceroys in charge of a province), etc.
  • The empire was divided into a number of provinces and placed under a prince, a son of the royal dynasty. The province was divided into smaller units. Patliputra, Kausambhi, Ujjain, and Taxila were the most important cities.
  • They maintained a huge army and also maintained a navy.
  • According to the Megasthenese the Mauryan administration of the Army was carried out by a board of 30 officers divided into 6 committee, each committee consisting of 5 members, they are:
    • Infantry
    • Cavalry
    • Elephants
    • Chariots
    • Navy
    • Transport
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