Pre-Congress Nationalist Association

Landholder’s Society (1837)

  • Marks the beginning of organised political activity in India.
  • It was an association of landholders of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa.
  • Its principal objective was to guard class interests of landholders.
  • Established by Radhakant Deb &  Prasanna Coomar Tagore.

Bangabhasha Prakasika Sabha, 1836

  • Formed by associates of Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Bengal British India Society, 1843

  • Worked to collect and disseminate actual information about the condition of people in British India.
  • Established by George Thompson and Peary Chand Mitra.

British Indian Association, 1851

  • Association of wealthy, zamindars and businessmen

East India Association, 1866

  • Established by Dadabhai Naoroji in London.

Indian League, 1875

  • Founded by Sisir Kumar Ghosh. Comprised of middle classes and professionals such as lawyers, petty zamindars, teachers etc.

Indian Association of Calcutta, 1876

  • Superseded Indian League. Members mostly came from the middle class such as educationists and lawyers and Brahmo groups.
  • Led by younger nationalists of Bengal Surendra Nath Banerjea and Anand Mohan Bose. Campaigned for holding ICS exams in India and raising the upper age limit of examinees and increased representation in municipal bodies.
  • Path to National Body
    • Indian Association organised the first National Conference in 1883 in Calcutta. Ramatanu Lahiri presided over this meeting.
    • Second National Conference was organised by Indian Association in December 1885 in Calcutta (Coincided with the first session of Congress).

Poona Sarvajanik Sabha, 1867

  • Established by M.G Ranade as a bridge between people and government.

Bombay Presidency Association, 1885

  • Founded by Badruddin Tyabji, Pherozshah Mehta and K T Telang.

Madras Native Association, 1852

  • Formed to oppose Christian Missionary Activity and legislations like Lex Loci laws of 1850, which protected a Christian convert’s right to property).
  • First political association to be formed in Madras presidency. Gajula Lakshminarasu Chetty was the founder.

Madras Mahajan Sabha, 1884

  • Founded by M Viraraghavachari, B. Subramaniya Aiyer & P. Anandacharlu.
  • Founded to coordinate 100 local associations in southern towns.
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