Gandhi-Irwin Pact,1931

Gandhi’s CommitmentsLord Irwin’s Commitments
He agreed that the INC would attend and take part in Second Round Table Conference to chalk out constitutional reformsThe British would withdraw all orders imposing curbs or bans on the activities of the Indian National Congress.
INC would suspend the civil disobedience movement.Agreed to withdraw trials relating to several offences except those involving violence 
    Release of prisoners arrested for participating in the civil disobedience movement.
Following demands were not accepted by Lord Irwin:
A public inquiry into police excesses during its repression of the movement.
Commuting the death sentence of Bhagat Singh & his associates to life sentences
To restore confiscated properties of the satyagraha.
 Withdraw all ordinances & prosecutions.
 Government agreed to let people picket peacefully, and shops that sold liquor.
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