Determinants of Ethics in Human Actions

  • Deliberate human action(Knowledge, free will /option voluntariness/willingness).
  • Purpose(can be personal, social or organisational)
  • Object (can be +ve or -ve or neutral) and nature of human action
  • Circumstances (can be demanding or normal)
  • Consequence/end (basis of teleology)
  • Means (basis of deontology)

Relation Between Various Determinants in real life

  • Overlap: two or more determinants operate at the same time ex. The compassion of civil servants toward the weaker person (here determinants like nature of object, purpose, consequences and circumstances are involved)
  • Vary (theft of food for saving the dying person due to hunger Vs theft under PDS by an official)
  • Contradict (saving the life of king-purpose, by killing a bagger means)
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