Civil Services Neutrality

Neutrality means that a civil servant will remain politically impartial and non-partisan throughout his career. Neutrality means a kind of political sterilization i.e, bureaucracy remains unaffected by the changes in the flow of politics.

Conduct Rules For Neutrality

  • Officers must not take part in politics.
  • He must not give election fund/ assistance to any political party.
  • He can vote. But must not tell his preference to other people.
  • He must not display any election symbols on his person, vehicle or home.  He must not participate in rallies, dharna-pra darshan, and demonstrations without government permission.

Criticism of Bureaucratic Neutrality:

The idea of neutral bureaucracy has been discarded by many scholars and administrative scientists. Neutrality is a robotic sin. Sometimes they act as an excuse for inactivity and timidity.

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